java - Remove diacritical marks (艅 艌 帽 峁 艈 峁 峁 峁 虉 刹 茷 岫 沙 鹊 ...

I am looking at an algorithm that can map between characters with ... I have done this recently in Java: public static final Pattern ..... There is a draft ...艅-枪...

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lower case (upper case ) ... using grave accent or double grave accent): 脌脿 葊 葋 岷搬罕 岷︶骇 脠猫 葎葏 峄峄 岣斸笗 脤矛 葓葔 歉枪 脪貌 葘葝 峄溼粷 峁愥箲 峄掅粨 葠葢 脵霉 葦葧 菦菧 峄猾 岷岷 峄册怀 ...枪

msn 瀵艰埅

寰蒋MSN涓枃瀵艰埅鏄井杞畼鏂规帹鍑虹殑閽堝涓浗鐢ㄦ埛鐨勫鑸綉绔欍傝嚧鍔涗簬涓轰腑鍥界敤鎴 鎻愪緵鏈濂界殑涓枃缃戠珯瀵艰埅浣撻獙.

| latin capital letter n with grave | Times New Roman, Regular ...

| latin capital letter n with grave | Times New Roman, Regular @ Graphemica.歉/glyphs/times-new-roman-regular

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, (n-grave) is a letter in Chinese pinyin. In Chinese pinyin is the y谩ngq霉 of 鈥 n鈥. Character mappings[edit]. Charset, Unicode · Majuscule , U+01F8.歉

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Unicode Character 'LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH GRAVE' (U+01F9)

string.toUpperCase(), . string.toLowerCase(), . Character.UnicodeBlock, LATIN_EXTENDED_B. Character.charCount(), 1. Character.getDirectionality() ...