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Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) –

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is a state-owned, self-financing development finance institution. Established in 1940 and operating in both Africa  ...

How's the Water? 2011

How's the Water is a weekly column which appears in the Oyster Bay Enterprise Pilot. These columns address local and regional environmental issues.


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Previous postCurrent Weather Conditions in Oyster Bay Harbor

The Oyster Bay Marine Center has a weather station reporting real time weather conditions at their dock in Oyster Bay Harbor. Oyster Bay Marine Center docks.

Friends of the Bay Water Quality Data

... Assurance Project Plan from the Environmental Protection Agency in April of 2006 ... standing water quality monitoring program which began in the late 1990s .

How's the Water? 2010

Friends of the Bay conducts water quality monitoring in Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor, sponsors community events on the water and beach and works with ...




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